Thursday, January 6, 2011

When the Going Gets Tough ...

I turn to horoscopes

Wack, I know. And not a fact I'm particularly proud of, especially since I consider myself a practical, scientifically-minded rational person. But this is what I do when many elements in my life are spinning out of control and I like to pretend I have some tiny bit of control over the future. When the going gets particularly tough I've been known to visit a psychic.

My work life is tumultuous these days, a close friend's spouse was recently diagnosed with cancer, and my daughter and I are still recovering from jet lag and sleep deprivation --- so I took a hit on my old friend, the astrology pipe. Reading my weekly on-line wasn't enough so, yes, I turned to the $6 year-ahead predictions on-line.

What did I learn during this dirty little prediction call? Well, I heard lots of things --- some pretty far out, and some fairly mundane. But the overriding theme was that I will redefine the nature of my lifetime dreams in the coming months.

Deep, huh? and kind of Freaky.